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    Mar 31, 2012
    i have a rare shetland drake and its fine with ducks however it started bothering my chicken and one time grabbed it by the neck ive now sorted this by leaving the top hatch open of the big enclosure so the chicken can rome free in the garden (we are aslo getting more chickens.) but the other day as the roof is not yet done a dove flew in and it went straight for it and grabbed it by its wing.
    is there anything i can do as i dont wantto get rid off it because its rare and has beutiful colours and is already producing fertile egs with my two runners

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    It's just springtime and he is feeling his oats[hormones] I would keep him away from the chickens for sure because he can kill them by mating with them. and you'll just have to put up with his attitude right now. it will get better as he matures and as spring turns to summer and summer turns to fall. Thank goodness. [​IMG]
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