AUSTIN - Tiny SeramaMix Roo + Black Wyandotte pullet

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    May 15, 2013
    I have a tiny Serama mix cockerel that is ready to have a flock of his own. He is TINY, so he don't crow very loud at all (for a rooster). Would be perfect for someone who wants a man to look over their gals without as much noise as a regular, full-sized Roo. He's one of the smallest roosters I've ever seen.

    About the Boy: He's beautiful, looks very much like a Serama with his tall tail. Has lovely red collar. Mother is a show-quality tiny Serama hen. Serama's are the smallest chickens on the planet. He's mixed with Silkie, which are known for being docile and great pets.

    Asking for a $10 rehoming fee for him and his best friend, a full-blooded black Wyandotte pullet. She's about six months old.

    If you want the cockerel alone, you can get him for FREE, you just have to come get him. Will not sell the pullet without her bae.

    Please note that I incubated and hatched this boy myself so he is very friendly for a rooster.
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