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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by call ducks, Mar 27, 2010.

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    Dis Qualifier--it is a bad fault that will remove a bird from competition. There is a list of them in the Standard of Perfection in the American Poultry Association rules for all breeds and then different ones for each breed.

    A lot of them show up right away but some do not show up until after molt.
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    your BA looks like a pullet to me at 15 weeks.

    did you say you have two blues? The butt shot looks like a splash or real light blue, can't tell from the pics.
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    Yes, two blues. The pullet is very light colored.

    I would love a splash! Maybe next time....
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    I will definitely be culling before 1.5 years [​IMG] I will probably thin down at 5 to 6 months. Some things are just obvious and I highly doubt would change. I am pretty pleased with the way they are looking at only 6 weeks old, but anyone feel free to critique.

    There are some that are obviously better than others.

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  5. Awesome roo! Love the darkness and the lacing....................Excellent!
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    Ok, I'll check tomorrow. I am certainly not a breeder, so if she's not purebred, its not that bad... just wanted to see if they were good layers and friendly!
  7. Your birds are looking good there Ron! Love the Blue Male, you can ship him back, I don't have a problem with that![​IMG]
    I was amazed that the same breeding pen would produce 7 down to 4 spikes on the males comb when I use only 5 point to 4 point males and females. All that work and still nature rules!
    I have red banded 1/2 my 34 total hatch for culling with 7or more points and one male with greyish green eyes? all the breeding pens have dark brown to blackish eyes, where the heck did that come from?

  8. They are 3rd generation Blue Australorp................I keep a pedigree on all my birds as normal routine. I have had several very light Blues in all my hatches and then I get some that molt and produce a darker plumage and lacing. Nature dictates and decides, not matter how much we think we know.
  9. Those birds look super happy in that nice green grass!
  10. Disqualification is the term used in the "Standard of Perfection" referring to any trait or characteristic not accepted by the American Poultry Association that would not be of the specific breed being addressed. Every Breed has to fall under the guidelines of specified Colors of plumage, eyes, legs/feet, earlobes, types of combs, clean legged, feathered legged ect. ect.
    An example of D.Q. in Black Australorp would be yellow skin................not an Australorp breed trait. This would be a cross breed and not pure breed. Or a totally other breed such as Black Jersey Giants.

    Hope that helped

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