Automatic chicken doors? Which can withstand the wind, rain, and kids?


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5 Years
Mar 8, 2014
I am in the pacific northwest so I have a long grey winter with lots of rain, and I have 4 small children who will be in coop/run. Which door can take lots of rain, wind, and small kids? I am stuck between the Pullet Shut automatic chicken door and Murray McMurray coop controller door. The Pullet shut is a hinged door that would fit where I REALLY want the door, but it is a hinged. This worries me because of wind catching it, a kid forcing it open or shut, and chickens roosting on it. How sturdy is this door? Anyone have it?

The McMurray I have to put in a location I am not as thrilled with to make it fit due to height but it has an LED light that gives 14 hours of light a day to the chickens.

Anyone have either of these? What automatic door do you have that is reliable, sturdy and does not mind lots of long rainy days?
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