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Jul 3, 2016
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I indirectly know a livestock vet who does specialize in poultry, but any advice from her goes through another vet (sis-in-law is a vet) and she's out of state so can't directly diagnose or treat anything for me. So frankly it is faster for me to look up stuff on here or ask on here than to wait for information to get shuffled back and forth.


Aug 11, 2016
From what I can see on threads here, there are not a lot of Avian Vets available anywhere.

I believe this is strictly the results of economics. Both on the part of us as bird owners and the Vets need and desire to be compensated.

No matter how much we might love our birds they are still just poultry. Most have a dollar value of under 20 bucks.

Not many are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a 10 dollar animal.

We happen to have quite a few avian vets in our state, however, they will not treat our birds. They are in the employ of the large poultry raising corporations or work for the government to prevent the spread of diseases.

The most common treatment for a sick bird is ring its neck before it can infect other birds. This is a very viable treatment for flick health, I know some here that practice this and have very healthy flocks because of it.

I write this long boring essay like introduction to ask that we not jump on others for suggesting a cure to whatever the ailment is.

Telling a thread OP to just take a bird to a vet and others trying to help to they should not make a suggestion because they are not a vet is not helpful. The people giving the advice know that, the bird owner knows that.

The facts are most vets only have a cursory understanding of poultry diseases. Most people can not afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a 10 dollar bird..

We all know a vet is the best option but is normally not a viable option...

If you think a suggested treatment is bad just state your alternative.

My standard treatment for valuable poultry (chickens and turkeys) is to offer up a dux as a sacrifice... some might think this a worthless treatment but it makes me feel better.....:lau

Also when a person suggests a drug or antibiotic we all know it is off label treatment...

again the economics is against us, no drug company is going to spend millions getting a drug approved for poultry when they can never get a return on that money.

We are forced to improvise. So we do..

For example, bumblefoot... my treatment for bumblefoot is leave it alone the bird will either get better or die... I have tried other treatments and found the bird either gets better or dies.

Anyways please allow a member to make a suggestion with screaming at them they can’t give that advice because they aren’t a vet...

Have a great day. And if you want to sacrifice a dux send me a text for instructions.... sometimes you must sacrifice a few dozen to get it right...

Hear, hear! And I'd like to add a reminder that we should try to be polite even when we vehemently disagree with another contributor's treatment suggestion. Simply dismissing a suggestion because you "know better" is poor form (and erodes your credibility, IMO). It's also not respectful of other cultures (which may, for example, consider holistic treatments mainstream) - and there are folks in the BYC community from many countries.

Disagreement is healthy, but let's engage in civil debate. Thanks for reading my spiel. :frow ((off soapbox))

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