baby chick just got shut in the door emergency


6 Years
Apr 2, 2013
hey yall, my baby chick is about 4weeks old and she follow us around everywhere well today when i was coming in the door as i pushed it too she got caught in between the door and the jam. It didnt shut completely closed on her but squashed her in between. She immediately went limp and quiet. Now she seems as though she cant walk and is talking a little bit again, but cant seem to walk I have checked for pertruding bones and there are none and it doesnt appear to be swelling either. Any suggestions on what to do from here?
just keep her warm and quiet and hope for the best
if she starts walking, eating, etc she should be ok
That's what I'm doing I have her under a heat lamp with fresh bedding. She has a crooked beak (genetic issue i suppose) we have been feeding her mush style food started on dropper and now she is just learning to scoop by herself. This poor little girl has had a rough time from the start. I feel so bad this happened to her today
she just stood and ate some food then took a couple steps and stopped and lay down. Fingers crossed she doesn't have anything internal going on.
Give her a little time. the crooked beak is genetic. I have a pet chicken who suffers from it too. That is why she is my pet. If your baby survives this ordeal she should do pretty good. You will have to file the ends of her beak from time to time and make sure she is getting food and water.
Well y'all I am happy to report that my little girl is gonna make it. I put her in a wicker basket for 3 days and had a blanket under her with a little pocket to let her legs dangle below her so there was no weight on her legs. It acted as a hoist keeping her up without weight bearing on the legs. After the 3rd day I started little therapy style sessions with her and she slowly progressed to very little limping she of course was separated and still is from the others due to her being so little compared to them and is recovering rather well. Thank you for your responses it was very encouraging at such a tragic time.

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