Baby chick keeps falling over.

Small Farmer Jane

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May 19, 2022
I have a six week old baby chick purchased at TSC. It’s a ferocious eater and seems healthy in every way. About four days ago, it randomly started to squat, fall over, and extend its leg and wing. It does this on the right side only. It will happen in the middle of it running to food, hanging out, or playing with the other chicks. It eats and drinks fine. I do notice that it does not get up on the low perch like the other four chicks. I’ve been feeding it non-medicated chick start given I purchased it and thought it may have been vaccinated. I’ve now switched to medicated chick start. It almost looks like the chick is having a seizure. I have tried real hard to get a video without success. I’ve looked on this site and most responses say to similar concerns suggest it’s sunning itself. I don’t think that’s the case. The tipping over is just too random and spontaneous. Any ideas? I will continue to try to get a video but I’m pretty busy dealing with a sick husband as well.

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