Baby chick stung by scorpion!!!


9 Years
Sep 30, 2010
I let one of my chicks eat a scorpion and it looked like it got stung in the process...she's in the tractor and looks like she's gasping for air...any suggestions??? Poor baby!!
I have heard of people giving a very small amount of liquid benadryl, but I have no idea of the amount, and it would have to be last-ditch. I wouldn't try it otherwise.
i just read that thread...she's maybe 4 weeks old, just getting all her feathers
I pray she'll recover...we don't have any benadryl. I pray God will have mercy on her!
i did give her a drop of something w/an antihistamine and is for we'll pray, wait and see what happens.
I just checked on her and I couldn't tell which one was bit! I have a hunch it was the one standing alone but was no longer gasping! I'm so glad!!!

There was a small scorpion on our terraza so I let one of the chicks come and eat it. Chickens are known for being the best at keeping insects, such as scorpions, out of the yard by eating them. My husband and I stood there and watched the chick eat kill and eat the scorpion after I took it out of the tractor. At first we thought the scorpion may be dead because it stayed still for a long time but once the chick started pecking the scorpion tried to get away...but was no match for the champion chick!!
Glad to know it'll be alright!! Not sure if the drop helped or not but I prayed and it seems to be doing well!

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