Baby Chick too Sleepy for his own good- how to get him to eat?


5 Years
Jan 9, 2018

Yesterday, our order of baby chicks arrived- out of the 18 of them, 17 seem perfectly lively and healthy, save for this fella. My sister's named him Martin, and he's definitely very sweet, really loves people- but he's near-constantly dozing off, and I'm worried about his health.

At the times he was awake yesterday, he was eating and drinking alright, but by now it kind of seems like he's just too sleepy to do much of anything. He'll try and walk, and I saw him try to get at the food dish a bit in front of him that the other chicks were pecking at, but he just dozed off before he got there, still on his feet.

I can get him to drink, by dipping his beak into the water dish, he'll tilt his head back up and drink just fine. But I don't know how to ensure he's eating, so any help would be very much appreciated.

His poop doesn't seem very abnormal, also, if that helps any diagnoses- if anything, a bit watery. But no off-color or blood or anything like that.
He may just be tired and stressed from the ride to your home. He might need time, have you checked for pasty butt? Mabey add sugar and apple cider ginger to his water, that might give him an energy boost.
He may not be hungery day old chicks have all the nutrients they need for the first 48 hours, from the egg, so he might need time, he's possibly younger than the other chicks, who are now hungery enough to eat, just a guess, give him a day or 2.

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