Baby chicks 2 weeks old


5 Years
Apr 13, 2014
Is it normal for baby chicks 2 weeks old to chirp a lot and what does it mean .
Do they need a hear lamp I was told no where I got them
When I put to sleep I cover them with a blanket is that good
There silent now sleeping but was curious what it means there eating a drinking fine
I would still provide a heat lamp, but it all depends on where you live. They need to be around 98% to keep warm.
Durning the day it's 80 to 90 sometimes hotter there in the house now in there small pen sleeping my house stays 70 to 78 they are covered
Thank you we did bring them in at night too a little bigger and out durning the day :):)
It is plenty warm there so really not much heat would be needed
as they do huddle to keep warm ...

The only chirping to be worried about is the distress chirp and
that is way different then the normal chirp you always hear ..

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