Baby chicks died


Feb 1, 2015
I am having problems with our baby chicks dying and hoping someone can let me know if I am doing something wrong because I do not want to lose anymore. The first chicks were shipped to us and I gave them electrolytes right away and fed them a non medicated starter feed. I started losing one a day. They would seem fine and when checked on a couple hours later there would be a dead one. I also gave them a probiotic but that did not help. I then switched them to a medicated feed. 1 chick survived out of 11. Then I hatched some shipped eggs. Same thing happened again. This time though I gave the electrolytes and probiotic right from the start
and also the medicated feed. I added scrambled eggs once they started dying again. None survived. Temp in brooder is good with plenty of room to go if they get to hot. The only other thing I noticed is that they had poopy butts. What else do I need to do? I am very sad that I lost almost all of our chicks. By the way these are silkies in case it makes a difference.
ouch ! sorry for your loss. wondering if corrid might help ? its for pasty butt. also a teaspoon of sugar in the water. drop the electrolytes. fresh water every day, food small enough pieces95 degrees under the light and as you said, room to move away. what do you have on the floor for bedding ?
If they have pasty butt you have to clean it right away or they can die. Sorry about everything that happened. I wish I could do or say more. Hugs to you....
Losing so many chicks is unusual. It brings to mind a post a few years ago from a person who was losing every single chick she tried to raise. Every. Single. One.

Finally, someone suggested she have her water tested. This person didn't update us here at BYC for a whole year. When she finally did, she said they had moved because their water was found to have been contaminated and it was the reason for all the chicks dying.

If you've ruled out everything else, take a water sample to your health department and tell them you are worried it may be responsible for the death of your chicks.

With widespread fracking contaminating ground water in so many locales, it's not out of the question that this could be your problem.

Meanwhile, get some bottled water, and use only that for your chicks until you're certain the tap water is safe or you discover another reason behind these deaths.
I havent heard of using bath mats, not saying people dont, I just havent heard it. wonder if there might be a chemical in it ? filling up on shavings can starve them to death sand ect... I would start from scratch, white paper towels, plain water, only chick starter and the heat controlled . not too crowded. something is def. way wrong for them to go like that. Its normally not that hard. Thinking i would try a few hatchery chicks like from TSC . or older chicks from the area.
Looks like pasty butt can be caused by being too cold or too hot.

· Maintain proper brooder temperatures
· Consider switching from heat lamps to a radiant heat source such as anEcoGlow brooder, which will eliminate the possibility of overheating chicks.
· Add probiotics to the chicks’ water
· If several chicks develop pasty butt after a few days in the brooder, it may be too hot and the temperature should be adjusted.
· Don’t be in a hurry to offer treats to chicks. Always provide grit if offering any food other than starter feed. Grit can be sand, a clump of weeds with the root ball/dirt attached or crushed granite, which can be found in feed stores andonline.
· If pasty butt is recurrent The Chicken Health Handbook suggests offering some scrambled eggs mixed into the starter feed and if that clears things up, switch brands of feed.

I am not saying that the chicks died from pasty butt but until you can find out what happened it is wise to rule out certain things. I know how difficult this is for you and I am truly sorry, I really want to help!

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