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    I have three little babies one is a silkie one is a amaricana silkie frizzled mix and the other I'm not sure I know she is silkie but I don't know what she is mixed with she is tiny maybe cochin there all about 3 weeks old anyway the tiny one always has crusty stuff around her eyes and peak and always has poop around her bottom I'm thinking antibiotics but I don't know how much to give them I don't want to hurt them .... I started raising chicken about 8 mo. Ago I got 6 chicks from a feed store 2 amaricanas 2 road islands and 2 australorps I have had so must fun with these chicken so I then bought 4 hens and one roster all black morans there not very nice never really been handled but they lay great deep brown eggs but these silkies have been a problem since I got them I started out with 2 I bought from a breeder one died and the one remaining was so upset about being alone I had my husband go back to the same lady maybe a mistake and he got 4 more I lost 2 of them so I am now left with three strong healthy chicks but I don't know if it's the breed are the breeder but they have been a struggle to keep healthy and now this little silkie mix comes down with all this crusty stuff around her eyes its so frustrating ugh any anybody have any advise :(

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