Baby Cockatiel can't walk properly

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Jul 21, 2019
Queensland, Australia
Hi everyone,
We have one cockatiel baby who should be on seed soon. We have started feeding him baby bird food because his mum kicked one out of the nest. She has two babies and
this one was still in the nest but both babies had leg injuries after that. The baby who was pushed out of the nest couldn't walk at all and died a few days later.
The baby who survived can walk but not very well. He limps. He seems like he has a better chance of surviving.
He wasn't pushed out of the nest though. What could be wrong? Hope he doesn't die too.
Thank you.
My cockatiels have always hatched successfully, I hope the baby is ok. Do you know of any issues the mom might have had? What did you feed her when she was hatching/laying her eggs?
Is their a reason mama pushed them out of the nest? Have you spoke to a vet? The babies might have had something. I would see a vet about it since one already died. What is mama's diet? Did you supply her with some calcium or a proper diet besides seeds? Veggies are good for parrots and since she was laying and hatched chicks she would need some calcium, there are products that have calcium in local pet stores.

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