baby runner duck that has trouble walking


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Jun 15, 2009
I have a 5 week old runner duck, that about the age of two weeks old started having trouble standing for any length of time. When he walking, he shakes alot. When he's in the kiddy pool. He still shakes alot, but seems alittle more comfortable. I have been give he vitamins in he water and the local Feed and Seed told me to but poultry antibiotics in the water. He's a sweet little bird. I want to help him if I can. Can someone help with this problem!!!
I'm sorry your duck is sick! I had one acting the same way, I got some Poly-vi -sol (no iron)liquid vitamins for children. Put it in his mouth for a few days.(three drops) the added it his water everyday since. He is much better now. I also limited his activity until he was stonger so he did not wear his self out, cause he would try sooo hard to keep up with the others. I hope he gets better soon!

OPh I forgot! Keep him in a warm place with plenty of food and water. Are you feeding him non-medicated chick starter, or non-medicated gamebird starter? The game bird is better for the ducks!
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Hi Snowgoer, I have a candaian goose that was found in a parking lot, same problem....he/she is HUGE now almost fully's right leg turned inward really bad, as it grows its getting stronger but doubt i will ever be able to return it to the wild as i fear it could not get away from preditors. Strange enough though it's good leg shakes when it walks , i am guessing it supports it's weight on the good leg, as it gets bigger im noticing the joint where it's leg hooks on to it's body is bigger than the other, I think it's leg was broke right after hatching and could not keep up with mom, so she abandoned it, 2nd poster indicated poly/sol vitiams i to am going to try that, sorry i know i don't have useful information , i am constanting watching in hopes someone will post something else i could try with my i have fallen in love with he/she , but i do keep it confined in a small pen i built and daily allow it to follow me around in the yard and swim in it's little pool which it has outgrown now
oh and welcome to BYC !!!

Thank-you for your ideas. I have been feeding him not-med game crumbles from the start. He is with two other ducks -same breed and age. They are in a small inclosure. 4' x 8' run area with a small inclosed area with kiddy pool. I lock them in at night. I have fox in the area. I'll try your idea. Hope for the best!!! Thanks again. Christina in Maine

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