Baby Snake ID South Tennessee


May 1, 2019
Hohenwald Tennessee
My Coop
My Coop
Had a surgery neighbors came by to mow the lawn. Just in front of my porch on the sidewalk was a welcome mat. She moved it to weed whack and found 2 baby snakes coiled up while weed whacking. Would like to know what kind they are as our pets use this walkway. Can anyone ID this snake. Or what's left of it.

I think snakes are beautiful, and am very careful to know ahead of time who each one is, where ever I happen to be. Poisonous snakes get a wide berth!

Mary I cant lie. I am not a fan. Also I lived my whole life in Ohio with mostly gartner snakes and a few non venomous lake erie water snakes. I stay away from them but still not a fan. I was transferred to Tennessee this past January and not liking the idea of 4 or 5 venomous snakes along with dozens of other ones.

I met a guy at work who's Pomeranian puppy ran through the lawn playing and got tagged by a rattle snake and died.

My second month in Tennessee I saw a 5 foot + (maybe bigger) snake INSIDE my place of employment. And it was up above the people working.

I also learned the first recorded injury in our factory was a rattle snake bite.

Also after I post this Im going to show you a video that I saw on the local news a couple months back.

I mean no disrespect when I say I dont want to know who is who when it comes to snakes. I have actually prayed not to see any snakes at all.

I sure dont want to hurt any living thing but I dont go outside without 38 special loaded with "snake shot"

Which I bought after seeing a big snake skin in the yard while mowing the first week I moved in.

The thought of one of my pets, especially my wifes 4 lb yorkie getting snake bit is all it took for me to purchase the snake loads.

Being new to the Tennessee environment I am afraid that in that critical moment when a snake appears my 3 dogs will most likely be present, and before I google what kind of snake it is Im probably going to follow my instincts.

I dont want to see any snakes.

Lets now pray,

Dear Lord, please let all the snakes live happy and healthy away from me and my pets, and please grant me the aim of a highly decorated navy seal sniper should a big snake come near.


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