Baby Trapped In Mother's Feathers


Feb 2, 2019
One of our Silkies, Emperor, recently had four babies, and due to the cold right now where we live, we decided to keep them inside. This morning when I checked on them, one of our babies had gotten completely stuck in their mother's feathers. It took quite a while to get them unstuck. Last time we had babies, a fair few of them broke their necks and we think this might be why.

Any advice for making sure that doesn't happen?
Although silkies are great broodies, the down side is exactly this.

Their bum fluff can be like fishing wire around a chicks neck and can easily strangle and kill them.

Next time you come to set eggs under a broody Silkie, clip the fluff on her undercarriage down and the insides of the tops of her legs. Not totally bald but at least so it's smoother/shorter and it lowers the chance of a chick getting caught in it.

It's sad this happens but at least you saved this chick! :hugs
This is what happens when people get too carried away breeding for looks and neglect function. It’s why flat-faced dogs can’t breathe well. Basic functions like breathing and raising young are threatened just because people want something “cute” to look at. Nature is shaking her head. Not a commentary on you and your birds - glad you saved the baby - but on people breeding animals carelessly for selfish reasons. Though I guess also anybody who buys and breeds problem breeds of animals is perpetuating those issues.
Glad you saved the baby!:D And thank you for posting this. I have a silkie hen but have never heard of this happening. Mine has had 3 batches of babies with no problems:fl Now I'll be watching!
I know this is an older post, but someone should write an article on this apparently semi-common problem.
I don't have silkies, I just enjoy reading and educating myself.
This is the first I've read of anything remotely like this.

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