Baby turkey weak muscles


Apr 21, 2022
I have a newly hatched turkey chick who seems to have weak neck muscles.**** A little backstory...When checking the nests yesterday I discovered an egg that had been smashed. Membrane was still intact but most of the shell was cracked or missing. I knew it was close to hatching date and it was moving. I took it in and helped it out of the egg. No doubt it would die without help.The yolk has been absorbed and chick appears ok other than it seems to have a weak neck and hasn't been able to hold it's head up yet or stand up properly. Is there anything I can do to help it?
She wouldn't like my advice.
If it didn't kick out of the shell the leg tendons didn't set right. Stick it in a heavy cup so it can kick. Maybe a drop of nutretradrench for the neck... not sure but I bet r2elk will have advice.

Yeah she might end up having to cull.
Fortunately no culling needed. I got a better heat source for it and nutradrench. Gave it a little extra attention and now baby turkey is doing great and thriving. It might be a bit clingy in wanting attention but I am ok with that.

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