Backwards leg - is this something that can be fixed?


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Apr 11, 2013
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I have some 6 day old chicks that were dropped off today and 1 has a backwards leg. They are from our preschool teacher. She said the chicken was eating and acting fine, so she couldn't bring herself to cull it. I've done some research in the few short hours we've had it and a few things I saw suggested it could be a tendon issue, but I didn't want to do anything that could harm it, if it wasn't. I've included a picture below. Any advice would be welcome. THANK YOU!
if it was me, I would determine if the chick can walk and roost like others, otherwise it will suffer at the hands (beaks) of the others. Then if not, I would assist with the passing of the chick to avoid a horrible death in the future. Some babies cannot be healed. Just my thoughts and I still hate to do it with mine, but it is pet responsibility. sorry, hope you find a fix.
I appreciate your feedback. I think I was just hoping that wouldn't be the case. She gets around but not very well and I don't want her to suffer a horrible and painful fate. That said, I feel awful putting her down because she is deformed.

Do you have a preferred culling method that doesn't include scissors and heads?
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I have several different types of animals and have had to deal with issues trying to save them. There comes a point, that which leans towards more pain than is worth to the animal. I have raised deformed animals where others may have put them down, to me, its based on pain to the animal. Try, but think of the animal in the long run. good luck.

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