bad broody, pulled egg, guess where it is?

key west chick

11 Years
May 31, 2008
Gainesville, GA
I have a single egg, due to hatch yesterday. First time broody mom kicked out first chick yesterday, found it cold and limp. Tried to keep it alive but it died during the night. So, I pulled the one last good egg. My incubator is full with eggs due in 2 weeks. Cant put it in there. Sooo, it is in my bra, at a steady 95*. Got some vet wrap around it for support and a cami with a built in bra thingy. Its a really weird feeling when I can feel it tapping....
Now that is what I call dedication! Good luck hatching your egg.
Ive done it once before but that egg was already pipping. After a few hours, it was out. Not so sure this one will make it since it hasnt even pipped yet. But, what else can I do?
Wow...All I can say is... really? And that really works? Amazing. Yeah, my husband would really think I flipped out if I ever did that though. (I'd have to keep that my own little secret)

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