Bald Rump and tiny eggs


7 Years
Mar 4, 2012
One of our four one year old girls is laying consistently small eggs, the size of robins eggs about every few days (no normal sized eggs). She also has a bald spot the size of a baseball between her vent and her legs. I have posted this before but now have some additional possibilities. An old time told me that back in the day they would measure the gap between the roost and the hens bottom when they are sleeping. Three fingers separation make for a good layer. Two fingers or less goes to the stew pot. This theory might make sense. It would explain the bald spot on the rump as the hen is rubbing the roost abnormally.

Has anyone had this experience and if so did your hen get over it and start laying larger eggs and grown feathers back? My guess is that the poor laying pattern and the bald rump are related.

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