Bamboozled by a Hen


8 Years
Jul 13, 2014
San Antonio, TX

I am experiencing some perplexing emotions right now. First, when I cleaned the coop yesterday I saw blood on the straw. So, I googled and read about what it could be, and parasites came up. But I could not figure out who, and did not see blood anymore, not even this am. What I did see was what I thought was a rooster sitting in a nest, so I thought ok, he's the sick one. Then! My ISA sits next to him and I'm thinking No Way! Sure nough, there's 2 eggs in that nest.

My confusion is this, why did the 3 leghorns I bought together look different, 2 looked like hens while the 3rd showed signs of being a rooster; its waddles and comb grew faster, it walks taller, holds its tail as high as it can go and always stayed in the background. The only way I knew it was a hen was the egg it laid today.

I wish I had taken pics last week, but these are the pics I got from few months old till today.


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I only see pullets.. they matured at different rates..

By 12 week most (non hen feathered) breeds will be starting to show their gender specific saddle feathers..
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Hope this helps!

Thank you! I have all different kinds so most look different and its hard to tell. I also never had LH before so I never seen a hen with such a large comb. I'm not sure about the blood, it was dark reddish brown, almost like a period! I did not see any this morning.

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