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May 4, 2010
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Could you folks perhaps post some pics of banty chicks at about 3-4 weeks of age, along with what breed they are... my GF has finally beaten me into submision on the banty subject( I personally still don't see the point of bantam breeds, but she had one growing up, so she is kinda fond of them)... so this weekend we will once again sojourn to the Frog Pond( the farm stand/shop where we buy our chicks) and get her a banty...not a complete waste of time, they have a bunch of buff brahma pullet chicks too, so our BB roo we just got can have some girlfriends next year... but back to the original point... the banties they have are straight run(so we will probably get two in hopes of getting a hen), and all sorts of breeds in the same cage... I was hoping to compile a few refference pics so we at least have an idea of what breed we are getting ( I will post a few pics in the "what breed" forum on Monday)...

ps. My GF has admitted a preference for feather legged breeds, so pics of those in particular would be most helpfull...
You should get Japanese (white) Silkies-- or any other type of silkies. They are very good brooders and they eat the bugs that bite you (ants, chiggers, sometimes bees)
Just type the name into google and you'll see what I'm talking about.
They're very cute, loving, and they don't run away.
I hope I helped you.
silkies are out... Beth thinks they are ugly... and since all our birds end up as food for us one day(my main argument against banties, in fact), the thought of blue grey meat is less than appealing...
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I posted Simeon pics of my bantams when they were about 3 weeks...Easter eggers, buff orpingtons and silkies. More pics in my link.
v.cyr :

methinks some may have been offended?

Hey there!
I'm not offended if that's what you're worried about. I'm still trying to figure out how BYC works but anyway...
Silkies are ugly at first yes I'll admitt but when they grow older they're cute!

But I'm not quite sure about any other breed, I'm not much of a chicken person.
Perhaps Road Island Reds?
I don't know of any other breed I'd have to look some up for ya

Hope I helped.
Sounds good!
Try old english game bantams! Both genders are sweet, although sometimes the roosters have to be separated. They make good mothers, lay fairly well, and are beautiful! I sadly don't have any, but wanted to encourage you to get some.

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