Bantam Cochin chicks~ Splash and Mille Fleur~sexed~5-8 weeks old~MD

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Jan 15, 2009
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I have many Cochin Banties 5-8 weeks old, Splash and Mille Fleur for sale. Local pickup preferred, but will ship for actual shipping costs if it's not too hot. I am on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Do not hit the "buy it now" button, just PM me if you want to buy any. I can ship as many or as few as you want, even just one. My Mille Fleur pullets are $15 each, the ones with more white ("Calico" ) are $20 each. Cockerels are $5 for regular MF, $10 for "Calico". The MFC's are older than the Splash. The splash are 5-6 weeks old, I have a few that are a week old. Splash are $10 for pullets, $5 for cockerels. I take cash at pickup or Instant Paypal ( for shipping. I cannot sell/ship to VA. These are very beautiful birds, check out my stock on my website. Buy 5 get one free. Thanks for looking. NPIP# 51-370, papers included. PM me if interested or with any questions.



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May 27, 2010
The white one with the brown splashes is SO pretty! I want one, but could only get just one without starting to have to worry about having too many. I live in Utah. What do you think? It would have to be a pullet...
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