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Bantam cochins--mille fleur hen & gold laced/mille cockerel

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by ShysCreations, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Available as a pair---the young rooster is gold laced and mille fleur. For someone with space & time, he'd be a good start to tolbunt cochins. He's crowing but not yet breeding. He has good lineage and both parents are well shaped. He has laced feathers, mottled feathers and some with both characteristics. He has a deep red feathering, much darker than the hen. All yellow feet that are heavily feathered. He hatched May 2010. The hen just began laying in August and she hatched Feb 2010. She's pure mille fleur bantam cochin. Just is a bit long/lean for me to hold for breeding. She has fully feathered, yellow feet. Payment by Paypal only within 24 hrs of auction end, my paypal is [email protected]n.com Our cooler temps allow for shipping but I'll check each location prior to be sure temps are ok. I include watermelon or cantaloupe in box with them for liquid. Please ask if any questions. COntact by email is best rather than PM on BYC.

    Hen pic [​IMG]

    ****The pair's auction price begins at $15. They ship together and shipping price is $45 in a USPS approved box. So at the end of auction the pair's total price is the sum of the auction plus $45.
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