Bantam Flock - 5 cochin hens, 1 cochin roo, 1 quail d'anver hen Oklahoma City


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Jan 11, 2012
Edmond, OK
I am selling my flock because we are trying to sell our house and we have had negative response about the chickens being here. I have 4 white Cochin hens, 1 Black Splash cochin hen, 1 Quail D'Anver Hen, and 1 Black Splash Cochin Roo. I purchased them at Tractor Supply in March 2012 and raised them myself, never had any problems get 7-10 small eggs a week. The only reason I am asking the price of $40 is I want to make sure they go to a good home, and they come with feed and scratch. THey have become timid because I haven't spent time with them like I used to. You can PM me if intrested. Sorry for crazy pics, not computer literate today.
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Are your bantams still available? I live in Russellville, Arkansas... didn't know about shipping them.? I love cochins! I have never had a roo though - are they friendly like the hens?
If you wanted to pay for shipping I would look into it, I honestly don't think it would be cost effective. This Roo used to be friendly and sometimes still is but he is young and has a haram of six so he is rather self confident. My first Cochin Roo, Henry was like a dog so I know they have it in them. The flock is rather skittish now because I have rarely handled them over the last couple of months except to clip wings. I really would like to keep them but we have to sell our house and my husband has promised I could have more once we move to our land.

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