Bantam roos on MD eastern shore Black-tailed White Japs & 1 Serama

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    Apr 5, 2012
    eastern shore of MD
    I bought eggs from fellow BYCer's and hatched too many roosters! Now I need to find new homes for 3 Black-tailed White Japanese and 1 little Serama roo. Hatched on 7-8-12, almost 4 months old. Local pick-up, no shipping. I can deliver if within a reasonable distance. All of these birds are pretty and healthy. The dominant roos pick and fight others so I need to re-home them ASAP! The Serama is black/silver with brown saddle (although he keeps changing!). He needs a home where he won't be bullied by bigger, more aggressive roos. I'm most concerned with finding good homes. If you can provide one. please pm me. I check messages late every eve. These are the best pics I have. Thanks!

    Serama roo

    Close-up of Black-tailed White Japanese

    Serama roo on left, 2 of the Black-tailed White Jap.roos in middle
    (One of these Black-tailed Japs is a hen and is staying with me)
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  2. Can you ship?
    Sorry just read through.

    Hope you find a home for them though, I'd snatch 'em up if I could
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