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    Just to let you know, I don't actually own these chickens, they are my 'mind chickens', aka in my dreams chickens. That's why I don't have any real photos of them... I hope it's good, because I'm not really that experienced or old.... [​IMG] Let's hope it turns out! Here it goes...

    Oh, yeah, and I'm writing in large chunks because I always take a long time to find a spot to start the adventure [​IMG]


    "Chunk" 1

    Demond crowed loudly, trying to further emphasize his authority. None of us hens really liked him, to be honest, but whatever. If it makes him happy to think he's top rooster, I don't see a reason to pop his bubble. He's our only vain Jersey Black Giant. All of the others are sweethearts. Maybe someone dropped his egg when he was little.

    Anyway, after he was done, I could hear a chorus of protests throughout the coop. I'd been awake for a couple hours, so I was glad for company. On the roost across from mine, my Barred Rock friend, Milla, still had her head tucked under her beak. I fluttered to the ground, walked across the floor of pine shavings, and hopped up next to her. I nudged her with my beak. "Estelle, really? I'm tired..." Milla stretched the word tired out into a yawn. "Milla!" I protested. Milla could be lots of fun but she needed her sleep. "Whatever. I'm going for a walk... I'll be back in a minute," I hopped off the roost and fluttered out into the run.

    I ate a couple beak fulls of cracked corn and took a drink. Luckily, the food girl had left the door open so we could free-range. Being a bantam Sizzle, I was in the banties pen, and when we got to free-range, I could talk to some of the big girls. All of my best chickie friends were banties, but it was interesting to talk to the biggies once in a while.

    I walked outside into the sunlight. It was a beautiful day. Sunlight was coming down through the tree branches in beautiful rays, illuminating everything. It looked like a fairytale. Ah, the joys of Wisconsin in the summer. It made me warm inside to know this was my home. I walked toward the pond, stopping to talk along the way. Angie, a Dominique, commented me on my feathers. She did almost every day, but it was nice knowing someone liked them."Hey, Estelle!" Deenie, a silkie, clucked. I smiled and returned her greeting.

    I was just randomly walking around, when I bumped into a rooster. "Sorry, Estelle!," he apologized. It was Elijae, or Jae, a bantam Delaware rooster. I looked down, suddenly self-conscious of my crazy frizzle feathers. "It's fine!" I mumbled. "Um..." He was obviously going to say something, whether it was nice or not was the question.

    Just as he opened his beak, someone screamed. Everyone stopped talking. I rushed into the crowd, Jae following. I couldn't make out who it was, but there was a body. It was Angie. I gasped. She was covered with blood and strange claw marks. "Estelle!" I heard Milla shout. My eyes were glazed over. I was in shock. Demond, the big chickies rooster, and Jae, the bantie rooster rushed up and stood in front of Angie. Jae looked sorrowfully into my eyes. I couldn't help tears from rolling down my cheeks, from seeing her like that. "We have just lost a beautiful, brave soul," Jae said, loud and clear. "Forever will we remember her," Demond said. I couldn't help wondering when he got to be so deep, but it was a nice change, I suppose.

    All of the sudden Jae crowed, long and sorrowful. Demond joined in. Pretty soon everyone was clucking and crowing. I didn't see anyone who wasn't crying. It meant so much to us that just one person had died, because half of us had never seen death, let alone expected it to come to us. Milla had made it to my side and huddled against me, both of us shaking as we cried. Angie meant so much to everyone because she was everyone's best friend. Everyone loved her.

    Suddenly we heard a door slam. The food family was rushing towards us. All of the sudden our sorrowful remembrance turned into chaos. Everyone was squawking, running towards their pens. As much as we loved the food people, they'd see it wrong, and thing Demond or Jae had killed Angie. By the time the food people were to Angie, everyone was back, huddled inside their coops. I heard the food girl burst into tears. Angie was her favorite. "We need to get rid of that stupid rooster! I HATE him!" she screamed. Jae was the only one who had stayed by Angie's side, and she obviously thought he had killed Angie. She screamed as she kicked him. We could all hear an audible thump as he hit a tree. "Aimee!" We could hear the food mom and the food dad scolding the food girl harshly.

    "Jae!" I screamed as a ran outside. "Estelle! Don't!" Milla ran after me desperately. A few other banties who cared for Jae, or didn't want to put up with him being wrongly accused, ran out. I was the first to reach him, then Milla. He was hurt, bloody scratches lined his body. "Jae!" I clucked, and sat against his warm side. "Estelle, why did you get yourself into this?" He croaked. Almost the whole bantie flock was out watching over Jae. Eventually the food parents led a crying food girl inside, leaving us in an eerie silence. Eventually all of us were back in the coop, even Jae. He was acting tough, but I could tell he was emotionally and physically hurt. He had trusted her, even if she was angry, that wasn't something you did to someone you love.

    A couple hours later, everyone was asleep except Jae. "This is my chance," he thought solemnly. He prepared himself for his long journey. With some extra food in his stomach, he sadly looked around the coop at his sleeping flock. His eyes eventually fell on me and Milla. We were snuggled up together for comfort. Just as he walked out into the run, he heard a sob. "Not you too, Jae!" I whispered. "Come out here," he gently whispered, and walked into the run. I hopped of the roost quietly and padded outside. "I need to go. I can't go through everyday looking into the food girl's eyes and seeing all of that hate and disappointment," Jae explained. I let out one sad, strangled sob. "Estelle..." He put his wing around my shoulders. Just then, Milla, Caly the Buff Brahma, Lena the leghorn, and Micia the Buff Orpington walked out. "If Jae's leaving, we're all coming with," Milla announced stubbornly. I grinned at her. I walked out from under Jae's wing, smiled gently at him, and walked to Milla's side. "Exactly," I said firmly. Jae rolled his eyes, but you could tell he was happy. "Well, I guess we should get going then!" He smiled at us.

    Sneaking out of the bantie run was easy. It wasn't secured very well. As we were silently padding by the biggie coop, things got tough. Demond was guarding the entrance. "Does he ever sleep?" Milla whispered to me. I accidently let out a giggle, which wasn't very smart. Demond heard us and turned to Jae immediately, demanding an exclamation. After Jae explained, Demond wasn't very happy, but he understood. "I should like to come with you," he said in his manly chicken voice. "But there needs to be someone to guard the ladies," "And I think you're the best for that job Demond. Good bye," Jae said. Demond puffed out his chest. "Farewell Jae. Ladies," He half-bowed to us. Soon we were off food people property. Who knew where we were going? I just hoped no one else would get hurt...

    Sorry it's so long, and not very good. I hope you like it though!!!!
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    [​IMG] I can't wait for the next chapter!
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    Quote:Ooh, Yay! Thanks!!!! [​IMG] The next chapter is on its way!!! [​IMG]
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    Here is the next chapter!!! [​IMG]


    "Chunk" 2

    I tried to walk quietly alongside Jae and Milla, but I kept on stepping on twigs and breaking them. Caly thought it was hilarious, but the more serious Lena would scold us. I stepped on yet another twig, snapped it, and sent Caly into a fit of laughter, which got me started. "Really, guys? You're so immature!" Lena scornfully told us, but I could see a smile pulling at the corners of her beak. Jae turned his head away so we couldn't see him smile.

    Just then Milla stopped dead in her tracks. "Guys..." Her voice quivered as she trembled with fear. We all shut up in record time. We were all dead silent and still. We could hear raspy, heavy, breathing. Jae turned and a look of sheer terror flashed across his face. "RUN!!!" he screamed. We started to run for our lives. The adrenaline kept me moving, even though I'd die if I had to run this far and fast for no reason.

    After a while, none of us had stopped, and I made the dumb move of looking behind me. I'll never forget what I saw. A group of foxes with foaming mouthes and crazed eyes were chasing us. Terrified, I flew into the closest tree. Jae saw me and did the same thing. Then, one by one, Milla, Caly, Lena, and Micia flew into trees. The diseased foxes insanely clawed at our trees, tearing bark from them. They stayed put for several more hours. Since I wasn't running for my life, I got a closer look at them. All of their ribs jutted out of their skin, making them visible, even through their shaggy, ragged fur.

    After a while, one of them fell to the ground. He looked feverish and insane. His family members either were scared of his viciousness or they were so diseased that they didn't care, because no one came to his side. After a while, he was still. One by one, they all fell. Once the last one was still, I cautiously flew into Jae's tree, as had Caly and Micia already. Milla followed me. "Oh my gosh..." I gasped for breath.

    That was the most terrifying thing I've ever done! I'd been hatched and raised by the food girl, as had most of my friends. All I'd ever known was the food kingdom. Now, though, it didn't really look like I'd ever see it again. After a while of calming down, we fluttered to the ground. The sun was peeking over the horizon. The night had seemed fifty years long. We were all super tired, so we found a place to sleep. There was this monstrous dead tree, and it was hollow. It seemed cozy and big enough. Within five minutes, we were all asleep. I woke up a little earlier than everyone. It seems insane, but I was really content. I was surrounded by the ones I loved and the ones who loved me.

    I was woken from my fantasy by my stomach. It was hollow and roaring with hunger. I woke the others, and we went foraging. All we could each find were a couple of bugs and grass. "Yuck. I still feel hollow, just not hungry, if that makes sense," Micia made a face. "I guess we better get going," Jae sighed. "Where are we even going?" Lena asked. "Uhm..." Jae was a little embarrassed. "It's... a surprise!" He stammered. Lena rollered her eyes but didn't really seem to care. "Well, off we go!" Micia laughed. "Onward march!" Caly shouted in a mock-general voice. We all marched into our uncertian future...
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    Quote:Yay, thanks! I'm on my iPod right now, and I don't have access to a computer tonight... [​IMG] so I guess Chunck 3 comes tomorrow!
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    Quote:Aw, thanks!!! It means a lot to me that you like it!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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