Bare back rooster

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    May 7, 2008
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    My d'Uccle rooster was attacked by dogs, but, THANK GOD, I chased the dogs off before they killed him.
    This was last Monday (5/16). I have cleaned it and kept Neosporin on the sores and all over his back for that matter.
    Last night I did not put Neosporin on it but now I am wondering if maybe I should be keeping the Neosporin on it to keep his skin moisturized.

    Will he dry out?
    Any tips?

    There area few scrape bites and a couple of puncture wounds as well.
    and obviously, no feathers. He is separate from the flock and even the coop.
    I have pictures if that will help.

    Thanks for any advice. [​IMG]
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    *bump* [​IMG]

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