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    Hi and congrats on your barnevelders:) Barnevelders are still pretty rare and good ones are hard to find. I think they are making a come back as more people see how beautiful they are.

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    Well, I don't know about you guys...but, I'm still figuring out this new system. Lots of new things to learn. Just today I figured out how to make links so my some of my pages aren't lost and how to link my profile (My Coop) to my new "my chickens page" Basically I'm cleaning up, photos, albums, pages, etc to make things easier to find.

    It's kind of neat all these tags, comments and reviews. Once it all gets figured out [​IMG] I still have to try and clean up my computer so the forum runs faster.

    I also got a great comment about my blues:)

    Dr Bjorn Netland
    Wow! Great job! I just love those birds, and by looking at your regular double laced ones, you should be able to produce some excellent type blue laced ones in the next generation. These are the best pictures I have seen of this variety in the US. Congratulations on a project very well done
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    I noticed on one of my Barnies today that she has lost all of the feathers right in front just under her head... About 2" down and about 1" wide. Completely gone - bare skin. I wonder why? I haven't noticed any pecking or picking by others. We have had some extremely cold weather - 0deg to -5deg at night the last few nights and in the teens during the day. I'm wondering if after drinking here feathers have frozen and either fell out or were picked out - although why then would it not have happened to the others? She is acting fine - eating, drinking, laying (one of the few laying right now)

    PS: A couple of my other birds - Wellie and an OE - have decided to go into full molt. Bad timing!
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    Yes, Trisha. I have not stopped by here much lately, but the first time I saw pics of your blue project, is the first time I could claim to like a blue of ANY sort.
    On another note. Today I stumbled across an Amazing Barnie hen I had to have. She was on Craigslist. I Called just for fun and found out she was from a quality breeder a little north of here that I had heard about in the past. I will share a picture of her this weekend for the pros to critique. She will be good for my backyard flock either way.
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    Hi Steve,
    Don't know about her feathers [​IMG] I can't remember if you have a roo, but sometimes roos will grab a girl wrong. Do check for mites or lice because sometimes that can be a problem with feather loss. The poor wellie and OE! They must be freezing! We've been having really dry with warm day time temps and cold nights. Finally it's supposed to rain this week[​IMG]I can't believe I'm so excited to see "bad" weather coming, but we really need rain. On the bright side, I'm getting tons of eggs since the weather has been so mild.

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    One of mine started molting at 9 months. (not from Trisha, but from another breeder)

    Trisha's girl has been laying well, except when she quit for about a week due to stress over my dog "playing" with a wellie pullet and killing her. I was so mad too, because I was going to move her to the breeding coop THAT night. Ugh.
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    My barnies usually don't like being stressed either. For awhile, I had to padlock the coop to keep my son (4 at the time) out of the coop. He was "bossing" the hens to make them lay eggs[​IMG] I kept getting eggs with "check" ripples in the middle because the hens would try to hold eggs up to keep from going in the coop. I remember someone saying that Barnevelders are "homebodies" and don't like to be disturbed when laying.

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    I am hoping to get some barney eggs from my roo and pullet this year again. Although I am not a breeder my friends want so expand they're chicken flock of 2 pullets.

    But she stopt laying in November so hopefully she'll start soon again with laying.
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    Can't wait to see her!!!! Congrats and what a find! Barnies are sooooooo special!
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