Barnevelder laying age


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Jul 24, 2019
Boston Area, MA
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I have a couple of Double Silver Laced Barnevelders that are 32 weeks old and not laying yet. I looked up the breed average for onset of lay and it says 28 weeks. I know individuals can vary, and that’s fine... What confuses me more is that their pelvic bones are still less than 1 finger apart, same as they’ve been pretty much forever, so they’re not even close. Should I be worried? Their combs have been red for months, much earlier than their Orpington hatch-mates (one of which just started laying yesterday). They eat flock raiser crumble and have eggshell on the side. They are much smaller than the Orpingtons, but I assumed that was a breed difference thing (especially because my Orps are English and look like basketballs 😄). All 5 chickens in the flock get along well, there’s no bullying, everybody gets enough to eat... What do you guys think?


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