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    Offering starter / practice hatching eggs

    $2.50 / dozen.

    I will not ship - these are local pick up only. Delivery arrangements can be made in Ohio in the following cities - Fredericktown, Mt. Vernon, Mt. Gilead, Marengo, Sparta, Chesterville, Bellville, Mansfield, Ashland and Lewis Center. Those areas are frequented by myself or a family member who would be willing to meet you to deliver eggs.

    Eggs will be a mixed bunch. All of my chickens range together, so all will sired by the Buff Brahma, Salmon Faverolle, or Barnyard Mix roos.

    PM me to arrange the next step!

    Breeds of chicken that I have:
    Golden Buff (hens)
    Scillian Buttercup (hens)
    Salmon Faverolle (hens and roo)
    Easter Eggers (hens)
    Barnevelders (hens)
    Buckeyes (hens)
    German Spitz... (hen)
    Buff Brahma (hens and roos)
    Barnyard Mix (hens and roos)
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