Barred rock or..? What are these birds?


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I was told I had barred rocks but I noticed these two are very different. The one that looks like a barred rock has whiteish feet but the more solid gray one has dark yellow/orange feet. The solids have a single comb and the barred looking ones have a very different one. I also see a bit of brown feathering by the neck of one of my solid gray ones. What could they be?
Do you know where the birds came from?

Neither one are barred Rocks. The black and white bird is barred (the color), but not a Rock. The rose comb lends itself to being a Dominique, but the light legs and excess white on the wings indicate mixed heritage.

The solid grey bird is what's called blue. No specific breed jumps to mind looking at her. Knowing what kind of comb she has could help narrow things down.
Referring to your last post, the last two blue birds appear to be blue Easter Eggers. The pea comb is why I say that, but they cannot be considered Ameraucanas due to the yellow legs/skin. They don't have much of a beard, but that isn't unusual with mixed breeds.

I agree with Rachel that there is no Barred Rock in your photos.

The first one has a combination pea-single comb, so he's not pure for pea comb. At least, my first impression is that it's male. There is a barring gene expressed on him as well, so he may be a cross of whatever that one who looks like a Dominique came from with an EE (though Doms have a rose comb). I've made barred Easter Eggers by crossing my Barred Rock rooster over my blue Ameraucana hens and sometimes I got yellow skinned birds and sometimes white skinned like the mother.

Here was one of my barred EE hens, a blue one, though she had a wonderful beard like her mother. Riley had yellow skin from her sire.

And her sister, same mother, different Barred Rock sire-no beard, black rather than blue with white skin:

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I have some Barred EE roosters, that may just confuse a whole lot of people about what the heck they are. :p If it wasn't for the comb, they'd look like a Barred Rock.

I'm thinking there are some crosses going on. Easter Egger is my guess.
I'm guessing of all 17 chicks.. I have at least 10 EE's then hah. I was told I had Ameraucanas (which I knew was a gamble) and Delaware, NHR and Plymouth barred rocks. As they get bigger, I am noticing certain traits I didn't expect. The "NHR" are most definitely EE's because of their blueish legs and the "Delaware" are all turning different colors with white as the base color. We also have a cute little black hen with black feet that I don't know what she is.

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