Barred Rock Roosters not crowing?


Nov 3, 2016
Slanesville, West Virginia
So I have 3 brother Roosters that are Plymouth Barred Rocks. I have been waiting on 2 to crow where as the younger brother is a very slow to mature and still has his peep. They are all 3 months old my fiance and I got this batch back in March of this year. Our first batch was all pullets, and the third batch was a duo of pullets. Out of 11 Barred we have gotten 3 roosters.
But my major question is. When will they crow? I want to hear it so bad. I have 2 bantam roosters who have battle of the crows in the morning and man oh man do I want to hear these boys join the battle of the crows. Also my Silkie rooster is the same way and the same age as the three brothers.

They were raised together except for my older Bantam Rooster.
In the clutches my fiance and I have bought we have 27 chickens, and only of those 27 we have 5 Roosters. 1 Bantam who thinks he is boss, 1 Silkie who is laid back until the Buff orpington hen ruffles his fluff, 3 Plymouth Barred Rocks.

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