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May 12, 2014
Just a question out of interest. Ever since I've been looking into getting chickens I wanted a barred rock, I think their colouring is beautiful. But the breeder I got mine from said she could add any breeds she had available I wanted to my order, but pure breeds aren't sex able and so I may get a roo barred rock which is not what I wanted. I only wanted 3 and now have 3 hen chicks. The closest she had that is close to a BR that she said was a definite girl was a speckledy. So I opted for one of those. She does have spots kind of like a barred rock, but any one know what she will look like as an adult? Will she be close to a barred rock? She is the baby sized runty one of my 3, but my ultimate favourite and the most friendly of my girls. Any opinions? I know I've added pics of her before but here's Star so you can see what she looks like now at 4 weeks and a few days. Also the size comparison to my nosey sussex Luna trying to get in the action in the last pic and my skittish blue ranger sky hiding in the back ground.Thanks

What is that blue bird suppose to be? When you said speckled I assumed Speckled Sussex but that is not what that bird is. Any idea what the breed is? I see the Light Sussex and Barred Plymouth but don't know what the blue bird is.
She is called a blue ranger apparently. Not one I've heard of myself but I am new to chickens, but not seen her in any books or posts I've read. They are hybrids so they can be sexed the breeder said. So I don't think she is anything in particular just a mix of something. I didn't know my speckled baby was a breed of her own, I thought she was a mix too? Is she a breed like the sussex? I don't mind if they aren't, I just wanted some friendly girls with pretty colours really and good layers.( the blue isn't friendly at all though she runs away from us and screeches if we pick her up)
My original flock i was looking for was a lavender pekin, a silkie a buff orpington and ofcourse a barred rock. But after reading all of the possible roo's I may end up with buying pure breeds I opted to get these instead, as she said they were sex able from hatch, so that's what I ended up deciding to do. I just mourn my BR haha and was hoping my speckled baby would turn out close is all.

This the pictures of the adults from the breeders website. This is what she said they will look like as adults. and the names she called them


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