Barren hen?

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    Aug 20, 2009
    I have two Rhode Island Reds and one Barred Rock. They are all about seven months old. The two Reds started laying about a month ago but the Barred Rock has yet to give even the hint of an egg. We were surprised because she is the biggest of the three. Another strange thing is that while the combs on the other two girls have grown quite a bit, the Barred Rock's comb is still tiny. We are first time chicken owners so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    The combs grow "overnight" about a week or so before they start laying.

    Could be that your BR just needs more time.
    Upping the protein of their feed *might* help, BUT I'd guess that the weather is having the biggest impact on them right now.
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    A: post pic's

    Totally helps...LOL

    B: hens will be darker more black. Roo's will be lighter [​IMG]

    OK, [​IMG] waiting for pic's....LOL
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    I didn't know that about the combs! Oh Boy! My BO's combs have suddenly exploded - maybe they're about to start laying! Yippee!!!
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    Sep 16, 2008
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    Quote:I am having the same issue with my buff orpington...she's also 7 months old, everyone else her age has been laying for almost 2 months, but not a hint of it from her...go figure!
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    Some chickens are just late bloomers. This time of year can also slow things down, low light.

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