baytril or tylan advice needed urgent

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  1. realsis

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    Jan 17, 2013
    My pullet is displaying signs of a URI. This morning she just started mouth breathing with a distinct rattle. She's lethergic and I want to try and save her if I can. shouting out to expirenced chicken owners. Which is the best injectable course of treatment? Baytril or tylan? Water soulable isnt a option here as she's not drinking very much. If it were your bird would you choose baytril or tylan? Culling is not an option for me so please don't say cull her. I really want to save her advice needed quickly. Thank you very much. I love her and would be heart broken to loose her. I know tylan is excellent but is it better than baytril in this case? Please help
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    Jul 24, 2013
    I would choose Tylan, but either one would be fine, IMO. The injectable version is best since she isn't drinking and because it works faster. The injectable Tylan50 dosage is 1cc for large-fowl, .5ccs for bantams, injected into one side of the breast once daily for 5 days. Alternate the side of the breast that you inject into, and use a small gauge needle, as Tylan can make the injection area sore. Don't probiotics or dairy products during treatment.

    If you can't find Tylan50, you can use Tylan200, which is just a more concentrated version. The Tylan200 dosage is .5ccs for large-fowl, .1-.2ccs for bantams, injected into one side of the breast once daily for 3-4 days.

    Good luck! I really hope your pullet recovers.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    If it was my bird, I'd choose Tylan. It is usually easier to find, and more people seem to use it than Baytril. However, either one would probably work. Get Tylan50 if possible, as it is easier to use than Tylan200. Dosages for Tylan50 are 1cc for large fowl, .5ccs for bantams, given for five days. Get some small needles (20-22 gauge) and some small syringes. Remember to switch sides of the breast muscle each day to avoid too much irritation.
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    Jul 27, 2013
    U-tube how to give intramuscular shot to a chicken.
    Funny part where hen runs away from him....but he does get the job done. We need a little laugh for stressful things like this, so glad he didn't edit it.

    Written instructions

    Controversy on if Tylan should be given intramuscular (breast) or subcutaneously (just under the skin on the back of the neck), or should be given orally.

    *****Here is an excellent forum on the various routes people took and dosages . I highly recommend that you read this forum below and decide for yourself what way you are most comfortable with and be aware of pros and cons.
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    Jan 17, 2013
    Thanks I've given my chickens injections before and I do it in the beast area. I have both tylan and baytril I'm trying baytril if I see no improvement I'll switch over. I'm afraid I might have to start tubing her tomorrow for fluids and food. she's real bad off.
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    All of the articles call for Tylan for respiratory disease unless it is coryza where sulfadimethoxine is the preference. Here is that reference:

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