Be still my chickey's heart :(

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    Im so mortified, guys. Im an awful person.

    My black cochin bantam, Jade, went broody and has been sitting on a HUGE clutch. We're talking 17 assorted eggs from cornish, Rhose Islands, our SIlver seabright and bantam chickens, etc. When I got out there I knew it was too much for her to sit on and it's freezing outside.
    So when I went out to gather the eggs this morning, I noticed she split her clutch in two as she was maneuvering around. I think another chicken went in with her to lay and she moved aside where 7 of her eggs were left under to the side.
    It was freezing last night and they were stone cold- I thought they were no longer viable so I gathered them knowing less eggs would be better for her.

    I brought them in and cracked them open. Only 2 were viable (the cornish rooster must not be doing his job) and those were the silver seabright eggs or the bantams. They were the small ones.

    One was amazingly beautiful with a star of vessels.


    The other was way more formed with eyes and a heart. A few hours later, my older girls went to go look at it and noticed the heart was STILL BEATING! Oh my goodness, I could just die- I killed a baby chick!!!!! Now I know that they still have a chance in the cold, but Im mortified.

    What are the scenerios when they wouldnt be viable?
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    Originally Posted by Jynuine [​IMG]

    Im so mortified, guys. Im an awful person.
    Simply a learning experience. [​IMG] I think most of us has lost a few chicks or viable eggs to human error. It might be a good idea to candle the ones she has left. As you know now, they will be fine to cool for a bit. Removing any non-vialbe eggs will give her more room to cover the ones that are viable. There are several recent threads on Winter broodies. Good Luck!
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