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    Feb 22, 2008
    Kingman, AZ

    These showed up two days ago. I think they are really cool, but my DH is not so impressed-says he got stung a lot as a kid. Didn't think it was too funny when I replied that they only sting to defend nest or self. I guess he stepped on some barefoot in a clover lawn when he was little, and didn't learn too quick to wear shoes or watch where he was stepping.

    Anyway, we contacted a beekeeper in Phoenix.(closest one our Ag Extension office had a # for) He said they should leave in a day or so, and if not to put a smoke source under them and they will leave.

    Are any of you BYC members beekeepers also, and could give me more advice?
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    Oct 18, 2007
    They are swarming, looking for a place to set up a new hive. Watch that they do not choose a area such as a closed in area of a barn. They usually will find a hollowed out tree if possible. At this point they should not bother you, unless you bother them. PLEASE do not bug spray them, we(actually worldwide) lost a lot of colonies last season. They should find a new spot in a couple of days. Bees are esential for polinating most plants. I am surprised there are not beekeepers in your area willing to come capture the swarm.
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    Aridzona is a wee bit out of my range,but I'd "bee" there in a N.Y. minute to gather that swarm! BTW I lost 80% of my hives last year and granted,I'm just a hobbyist apiarist,that was still 38 hives and a good income to a small farmer.
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    There are often local bee clubs and their info can be found on the internet. This one is based in Tuscon (quite a distance from you, I know), but beekeepers often know quite a few others and may be able to steer you in the right direction: . Good Luck!

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