Beeswax Candles needed!

6chickens in St. Charles

10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
St. Charles, IL
Anybody out there selling good high quality beeswax candles? I'm in the market for a good quantity this winter. Love candles, hate fake fragrances, hate petroleum and latex based fumes. Any beekeepers selling candles out there? Nice golden, warm glowing beeswax candles? PM me if you know anyone selling them!
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I am not making Candles but I have been accumulating quite a bit of Bee's Wax if you interested in doing it on your own I can sell you some nice buttery colored wax.

There are some people that hang around at this forum that make Candles but it supposedly is not that hard to do

my honey company up in richmond, google them Linda makes and sells beeswax candles from her own bees, tell her Trish sent you

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