Before and After photos of your funky chickens!


7 Years
Mar 29, 2012
I'm guilty...I love hatching out mixed birds! I never know what they will look like, and they seem to always come out unique and beautiful. I've been taking pictures of when they were chicks, and then when they are older. I find it interesting to see how they turn out. So, I thought it would make a good me your chicken before and after pictures!
I guess I'll start with my recently hatched.

Here is Harley at a few days old. He caught my eye because of the eyeliner he seems to be wearing.

Harley, 4 months old, my most colourful cockerel:

Sonic (because he looked like a hedgehog to me), few days old:

Look at him now, 4 months old, look at that beard!!:

If you've got some before and after photos of your funky looking birds I'd like to see them

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