Beginner on this web-site would love help in sexing my chicken!!

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by H2Momma, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Hey Ya'll,

    I am unable to post pictures right now, but I am sure hoping someone will take a moment to click on the following links and lemme know if my Kentucky is a hen or a roo!!!!/photo.php?fb … mp;theater … mp;theater … mp;theater

    She is the Light Sussex and is now four months old. My Blue Americana was supposed to be a hen (in the back round) but has now decided to crow and I saw her (him) trying to mount my other chickens last night :-( Hope these links work and if so, tell me my Kentucky is a girl!!!

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    Is it possible you have your facebook settings set so that people not in your friends list are unable to see your pics? I tried all three links. On one I got a Facebook page that said "content not available" and for the other two it just went to my own profile page. Sorry....
  3. H2Momma

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    OK - I have changed my settings, duh...... PLEASE click on either of the bottom two links and it should work! I'm biting my nails right now, sure would hate to give her up!
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    The links just go to my profile page on FB. If you upload your photos to Photobucket and then post the [​IMG]

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