Best antibiotic cream?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Skye'sDucks, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Thank you! :) I was thinking the same thing, but I wanted to check with you duck experts as well. ;)
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  2. As a little update on my duck that was injured, she's doing fine but really didn't eat anything today. She picked at her food an hour or so ago, but didn't really eat much if anything. Then I spooked her coming up with some meal worms and she hasn't eaten since from what I can tell.

    Is that normal?
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    She is going to be spooked easily after being attacked. Can you try making her feed watery like soup, she may eat it that way. Just try her with a small amount at first so it doesn’t sit in the heat an go bad.
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  4. I can try to do that tomorrow, I didn't think of mixing it like that. Thank you!
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  5. I tried the soup mixture, and she didn't try to eat it. I'll probably toss it out to the others in a few hours and try again with both dry and wet if she ignores it before it gets too hot. She did have a bit of a hectic morning, a couple of my naughty ducks escaped into our backyard through the gate and riled her up a bit, but even when she calmed down she seems more alert.

    Poor Bumblebee. Her wounds are doing wonderfully, I just hope she eats soon. Still drinking at least.
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    Sorry, hopefully her appetite comes back very soon. Do you have any poultry vitamins you can add to her water?
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  7. I hope so too. I don't have any on hand, but I could maybe pick some up today? Are there some I could get for her that'd help?
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    Well just for extra support while se is healing. Poultry Nutri Drench is a good one.
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    I used this on my chicken after a minor surgercal removal of bumblefoot the other day. Works great, and the one I have is mostly all natural ingredients like coconut butter instead of petroleum jelly and plant oils instead of manufactured medications.
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  10. As an update:

    I'm still waffling if I should try to get something like that. Her wounds are healing really well and she's already much more active and alert, it's just that she still hasn't eaten much. I've been keeping her penned up since she can fly and I didn't want her flying off and me not able to catch her again while her wounds were healing. She did eat a few treats (dry cat food and meal worms) and I tried to feed her in our garage instead of the cage, since I don't think she likes eating in it...Still left most of the treats alone, even when she showed interest.

    I may try letting her out into our backyard tomorrow, although it's iffy if she'll decide to fly off or not let me catch her. She's not my friendliest duck. The wound on the right side of her face is really my only concern, even though its healing well. It's worse than the others, which have barely even scabbed and are hardly a problem. I'd like her to get the chance to forage (since she does free range) and get a chance to freely eat her food outside of a cage or closed garage, but my biggest worry is that the raccoon is still out there, she may still be weak, and I may not be able to catch her if she does fly. Not to mention her wings are in bad shape and she hasn't molted them yet...:/

    Is it a good idea to let her free range tomorrow and risk it, or keep her penned up another day? I just don't want her to go another day without food...

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