Best place to list for selling poultry


10 Years
Feb 17, 2009
I have decided to sell all of my bantam breeders can anyone suggest a place to sell them or list them for sale. They are all young and purebred. most are 3-5 hens and a cock in each breed. Most are very nice quality if not almost show quality. I got almost all from 4 winners at the fairs or other show/breeders. Please help or contact me privately at [email protected] . Than you.
You can post them for sale here in the "buy/sell/trade section under 8 weeks and up I think it is. Just put they are for pick-up unless you ship birds.

You can list them on your local Craigs List.

Or you might have a local yahoo group you can search that you can join the group and sell them on there.

Good Luck.
You can also sell them outside of a poultry show. Many poultry shows allow the sell of birds outside without any commission owed to the show. Check to see when the next show in your area will be held.

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