Best way I've found yet to deal with snake problems!!

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    Apr 22, 2011
    Appreciate your thoughtful post, Roark.

    It's particularly apt, as I was just planning to trap a mother raccoon and fish out this year's babies from my front porch soffits. I just haven't figured out a place I'm comfortable moving her to--she'd need another burrow, as the babies are just at eye-opening age about now, here in Iowa.

    Even though Des Moines is no nature preserve and our lots are ordinary sized, we have many of the same fauna and issues that you do--My DH saw a grey fox kit roaming a downtown street the other night (he works late late late), and there's a red-fox den about half a mile from here, on a small college campus. Then a ravine only two blocks away is home to badgers (a baby kept following a friend of mine, who wore black hightops with white trim; I think the baby thought the shoes were its Mom). A gardener about five blocks north of me caught a beaver dragging away his favorite apple tree (alas, already cut), down into the same ravine, to add to its new dam. I've looked out my kitchen window and seen a doe grazing in the yards, we have constant possums, yes, haunting the bbcue grills and living in the wood piles, a red-tailed hawk has settled on a light pole above a "pocket commercial" area with a natural-food store & a couple restaurants, and we hear owls every fall as the young roam further from the home nest that's four blocks west. That's Des Moines, with its preservation of trees and undergrowth in long wooded strips along its numerous creeks, rivers, and ravines.

    My sister is in Dublin, Ohio, a rapidly expanding bedroom community for Columbus. There, her little pond of feeder goldfish grown large was decimated by a visiting heron that works the neighborhood. She has mallards in this pond (which is all of three feet diameter) and skunks have moved in under her deck...or is it in the tall pampas grass out front? We're not sure, but we catch glimpses of them at night, when we walk our dogs (carefully leashed). She kept a happy trio of birdfeeders until a shrike found them and used them as stalking horses (is that the right idiom?) to catch and eat the goldfinches & cardinals. End of birdfeeding!

    My point?

    City and country are merging a little, as the animals have nowhere left to go, I think.

    For that matter, we humans who hate Monsanto-altered corn and "round-up ready" alfalfa, and foods grown with poisons and chosen for their "holding" and "shipping" rather than their taste...we humans are also bringing the country into the city, starting with... our chickens!
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    Oct 18, 2008
    Central North Carolina
    The minnow catcher is a very great idea. Are you sure the snakes can't make it back out the hole.

    Someone is doing a study on copperhead and was wondering what good are they that the harmless can't
    already take care of? Who needs bit? I do leave the harmless ones alone.

    Why the need for a shot gun or a 38 with pellets as they can be expensive?? Why not get 22 bird shot at
    WalMart and you can use it in pistols or rifles. Very inexpensive and it has killed every copperhead I've
    encountered and that can be 7 per year.

    I will remember the Wasp/ant spray as well.

    For the Squirrels
    Go to Home Depot/ Lowes and get a small bucket of "Plaster of Paris". What you do is mix half peanut butter
    and the plaster of paris. Make small balls of this and put it out for the squirrels. Have water so after they eat
    they can drink. Plaster hardens and they can not digest it. (mine liked the crunchy peanut better best)

    Bare in mind those rodents are like flies. You may kill them but in days there will be replacements. lol

    It may sound inhumane to do this but I had 2 peach trees loaded and a pear tree. They ate ALL the fruit before it
    ripened and I got NONE.
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    Apr 15, 2010
    Boerne, TX
    HATE squirrels! LOVE this idea.
  4. epeavey1

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    Jan 17, 2011
    I found using moth balls inside the coop even up the walls helps for at least two weeks, then you have to re do the coop again. Really I found the best way to get rid of snakes is to carry the rifle with you each time you visit the coop. So far this year I have killed two snakes, I'm going to have to move the coop it is right next to the woods need to put in front of the house. Has anybody have any suggestions on how to keep snakes out of the coop? [​IMG]
  5. kelehe

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    Jun 14, 2011
    Ingenious use of the minnow traps.
  6. Barrdwing

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    Regarding squirrel control: We've got ground squirrels out in our neighborhood, and they're such a headache. They're like little hairy bulldozers and they move a lot of earth; when they dig in under your house, get ready for trouble. A family dug in under the slab supporting our heat pump; we'd see the little devils sunning themselves on the housing. And then . . . a lovely four-foot-long gopher snake started paying us visits. I haven't seen a squirrel out in that part of the yard since. [​IMG] Whether he ate the kits and the parents left, or he drove them out, or he ate the whole lot of them I don't know. But he sure was a good neighbor!
  7. mike.kerr

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    Nov 22, 2008
    Thanks for the postings on snake and skunk problems.
    I have had several Tx rat snake problems killing chicks and eating
    eggs - a handy metal post handled all 3 snakes. But the minnow
    trap baited with old eggs sounds good. I am in the country
    just outside of Kerrville, TX and I am sure I have other snakes.
    Could take them 10 miles away and release.
    Had a young possum problem for a few nights, but he let me catch
    him in the hen house and he's a goner - at first I thought it was
    a giant rat...... they love eggs too.
    Now have a skunk problem, almost stepped on it the other night
    in front of hen house and finding eaten eggs. Have to take
    more care with them. Good head shot might do it.
    thanks again for the ideas. Mike
  8. navychick

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    May 17, 2011
    I just bought 2 minnow traps. Besides eggs, can you suggest a bait?
  9. Lbrad7

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    May 19, 2010
    Ringgold, GA
    WOW!!!! Who woulda thunk it....minnow traps to catch snakes!!!! Thanks for sharing...I am going to have to try this one myself. I will more than likely turn them loose again in the barn but I am really curious as to how many (and what species) I have slithering through my barn.
  10. Stingrayg4

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    Apr 27, 2011
    Thanks for the tip on the minnow trap. I will definitely try this.


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