Best Yard Duck Breed?


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
Concord, Ma
I am considering hatching my own (and first) ducks in the spring and am wondering what breeds people consider to be the most docile, friendly, best 'yard' duck?? If anyone has a particular breed they are a fan of please let me know :) thanks
Well I have indian runners and muscovy, the indian runners are a bit skittish sometimes they are very comical and sweet once they have calmed down from whatever spooked them. My muscovies are all very sweet and love being petted and follow you around when I do chores. I've heard pekins are very friendly, but it also depends what you would like such as them laying a nice amount of eggs or just a pet for the back yard to take care those pesky insects
MUSCOVY'S!!!!!!!!!! they are very friendly!!! my male loves to sit on my lap and fall asleep.Plus after they reach adulthood I have found that they never try to fly away!!!! I don't ever have to clip wings they are just happy to be in the yard.
These are the breeds I've had through the years:
Black Swedish & Blue Swedish
Welsh Harlequin

The Pekins were the friendliest and the most mellow/least skittish. Coming in at a close second are the Anconas and Welsh Harlequin.

If you are strictly looking for a pet I would suggest any of those three breeds. The Anconas and WH lay more eggs, if that matters to you.
I've had Pekins, Blue Swedish, Muscovies, and Anconas over the years.
Friendliest: Muscovy, Ancona, Blue Swedish
Quietest: Muscovy (the other ducks will quack. They will mellow as they age, but still quack.)
Best egg-layer: Ancona, Pekin, Blue Swedish
Best meat duck: Muscovy, Pekin, Ancona, Blue Swedish
Muscovies are the world's best insect-disposal squad and each duck has its own personality. The other ducks travel in flocks and will rarely even eat from my hand.

Good luck with your ducks!
I am partial to my Anconas. They are beautiful, lay plenty of eggs, and are great all-around ducks. Ours aren't super-friendly since we've treated them more like livestock than pets since they were ducklings. They like us, but aren't looking for a ton of human interaction.

On the other hand, I gave two drakes from our hatch to some friends of ours and they have been coddled pets. As a result, the ducks act almost like dogs. They follow the kids around the yard and are part of the family.

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