big Bah tub for ducks to swim in and a igloo dog house to sleep in


10 Years
Nov 22, 2009
Floyd. va
This year I order 14 duckling and Mickmurry sent 16 and all are doing good. I have a few questions for the next step.

1. I have a igloo dog house I would like them to sleep in when the are to big for the brooder. will this work?

2. I also have a bath tub/Jacusee combination that some body gave me. I think its abou three feet deep. Will this work for them to swim in.

3. there is a creek on my neighbor property. My neighbors preety cool. Would the ducklings follow me to the creek and then follow me back to the pin?

4. I realy need a pin for them to stay in a pin at nigh. all the neighbors have dogs. most of my neighbors buy my eggs so they have been doing good about walkinh the dogs on a lesh. be sides our county hase a lesh law any ways. We live in the middle of farm country lots of cows ,horses, and Souther States corn fields. Are ducks good about staying in a pin at night?

any sugestions would be great.
Yeah you can herd your ducks into the pen at night, if they won't follow you. Might want to make sure you can use the neighbors creek. Hot tub might be ok, if you have a way to drain, keep the water in it, and clean it often, but I sure wouldn't use it as a hot tub again! Igloo doghouse is a fine shelter, ducks really don't need much, and may just stay out of it most of the time, except to get out of the weather.

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