Big Roo Attacking Little Roo ... Help!


9 Years
Nov 6, 2010
St. Petersburg
Our senior Silkie roo just this week took to beating up on junior Silkie roo. Senior is isolating junior, and being very violent. It appears that senior wants to either run junior off, or kill him.

Junior will be a year old in mid-July. Senior is his dad, so they've been together up until now with no problems. We also have two Silkie hens, a Buff Orpington hen, and a Plymouth Rock hen. They are free range in a 1/2 acre back yard with plenty of places to feed, rest, "bathe," hide, etc. Until recently, each roo had a favorite Silkie hen, and they went around like couples on a double date. (The Orp and the Rock are their own little clique, and ignore the roos, wo are smaller than the ladies.)

Any idea why senior suddenly starting doing this? Any suggestions?

They are both our baby boys, so it would be hard to part with either one. But if we have to ... What does one do with a "spare" Silkie roo? Roos are illegal in our part of the world, and Silkies aren't good meat, so "give him to a friend" or "freezer camp" are unlikely options.

Thanks for reading our long-winded story, and for any suggestions.

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