Biosecurity before, during and after shows

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  1. farmermama2384

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    Oct 30, 2016
    I was contacted by a national organization to be a livestock exhibitor and bring a trio each of my Red Dorkings, Catalanas and Partridge Chanteclers to their national conference. I breed, I do not exhibit. What should I do to/for my birds before, during and after the exhibition for biosecurity? I know to quarantine after, but should I vaccinate? Bring my own display cages? Any advice is much appreciated.
  2. SunHwaKwon

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    Jul 19, 2015
    Eastern Shore, MD
    Following. I was planning to bring some birds to sell at a swap next month but I'm worried about bringing any unsold (or bought) birds back. So I'd like to hear recommendations.

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