Bipolar neighbor says she'll call as much as it takes!!


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I asked my neighbors what they thought about my getting chickens before we got them. In my city we have to have 5 neighbors sign, including all that abut to your property. Four gladly signed, 2 on each side, the lady behind my property says she's afraid of them and afraid they will stink. I told her my plans for caring for those problems including a predator proof run that the chicken will stay in and predators out, and the deep litter method to keep down any smells. Her property is probably about 600-700 feet from where the coop will be. She says that sounds good and gives her approval and I purchase chicks. Now they are 6 weeks and getting ready to go outside and I'm getting materials ready to build the coop, just laying them out for plans, and she calls me to the fence. I talk to her again, we talk about the chickens. Again, no problem.

I get a call yesterday after church that my next door neighbor is frantic, the lady behind me ran to her hysterical that I am moving chickens outside. When my neighbor tells her she signed the paper after giving me permission so I'm in the right, she tells her that she is going to call the authorities time after time until they do something about it. She says she has done it to other neighbors and it works every time. So, I call today and they say that if there is a squeeky wheel there will be an order for me to remove the chickens, even if she signed off on it. Soooooo, now I have to keep my backyard chickens 15 minutes away from our house at the barn. I'm only there 3-4 times a week, but there are others there to take care of them and have agreed. I also have to cancel my order for more chicks we were getting in the end of the month, so now it is just our 3 that will be added to the flock at the barn. Sigh..... I'm probably going to miss their first eggs, the cockerel's first crow, etc. My daughter is just torn up. We did everything right, and only planning on less than a third of what the city allows for my size property.
But has she said anything to you? Why would you not keep them there until she actually DOES complain and then when the authorities come out show them where she signed? It probably depends on who you spoke to when you called - you know how it goes, one person says one thing and one another when you call 'authorities'.

If she can't SEE into your place without craning over the fence, how would she even know they are out? I possibly would not have a rooster with a madwoman like that but the girls are quiet and I bet she would enjoy their eggs...

And you must have a local paper to go to if it carries on?
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She doesn't like eggs. :( My other neighbors were excited about eggs. When I speak to my neighbors about it they say she is going to be a problem and will make my life miserable. She got in an arguement with the neighbor on the other side and calls every time she sees something out of place in his back yard. I also found out she got the chickens removed from a house that is probably about a quarter mile away from her by calling daily about the smell and noise coming from them. This was before she told me it was no problem if I had a rooster because she wakes up and takes the dogs out earlier than the roosters wake up. I really don't know how she has much clout with the police. She has the ability to demand her name be removed from the permit and unfortunately with her being a direct neighbor, she has to be on there.

She is directly behind my open land in the back where is the most room for the coop and run. She would have a direct line of vision to it. It is the only place that makes sense with the regulations they have on placement of the coop and run.

So much for being neighborly. I'll remember this though. I'll help out her dogs, but she's on her own.
She sounds like my mother in law. I don't know how some people are able to pull so many strings with "the authorities" but it's unfair. Meddling busy bodies with nothing better to do than torment their neighbors get my blood pressure up!
I see a 8 foot privacy fence in your near future , you already have the blessing of the muni so technically you would not be breaking the law put up the privacy fence nix the idea of a cock bird move your plans for the coop and run as far away as possible from her prying ears and enjoy ! Keep things clean and what she don't know won't hurt her ,,, just sayin
She sounds like my mother in law. I don't know how some people are able to pull so many strings with "the authorities" but it's unfair. Meddling busy bodies with nothing better to do than torment their neighbors get my blood pressure up![/quote that's what they do they have absolutely nothing going on in there own boring live so they feel the need to medle in others
When the cost is feasible a fence is surely going up. We got estimates before and the cheapest was 8,000 for a 5 foot fence that didn't have as many slats. Doing it ourselves would take forever and just not worth the cost savings. Hopefully someday in the not to distant future. In the mean time we'll enjoy them after the rides. The benefit is the coop is beautiful and large and we have help with upkeep by people we trust. They don't even use all the eggs they have so never minded me taking some for my own use even before we brought ours (leaving tomorrow evening). I may still get a few more of the chicks that my daughter wanted to get and bring there too, at least for a year or so while we regroup around here.
Is there anything the neighbor does that you could complain about? Did you say she has dogs? Surely they must bark and smell and someone should call and call and call to complain about that. She has them out before a rooster would crow, so I bet that racket wakes you up. Who would have their dogs out at such an odd hour? My experience with crabs and complainers is they always think YOU are in the wrong, and THEY are perfect citizens. It would be a shame if she had to rehome her dogs. When you repay her "kindness" she will decide she needs to bully someone else.

Is there a place you could relocate the chicken run, so that it is up against some building (like garage) so you needn't have pay to for four sides of fencing? Maybe you could find some panels cheaply or free on Craigs list.
p.s. is your neighbor really 'bipolar' ? if so maybe she isn't taking her meds and that is why everything aggravates her.
I have a few choice words for that lady. You know why she is making this bad for you? Because she is unhappy with her own life and needs to make people feel just as bad as her!!

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