Birthday Cake Ideas for Chickens

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    Hello, I know this may sound crazy to some people, but here goes. Soon my chickens are going to turn two and I was curious about what types of "cakes" I could give them and what they would like. Last year, I had the state competition for my school science team right near their birthday and I felt bad because I was so busy I didn't do anything at all in regards to them turning one year old. So, this year I want to make their birthday extra special.

    Does anyone have any "birthday cake" recipes that chickens love and can eat? I've found a few recipes but I was wondering if anyone had any more. Please be as specific as possible as I'm not that great at baking.[​IMG]
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    Since you say you are not that great at baking.......... Here is a safe and easy solution. Claimed to be made from SCRATCH..
    If this FAILS to make you chuckle just a little, then I FAILED.

    I luv my pets just as much as you do. [​IMG]
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